Pre-Order Terms

What are the terms for Pre-Orders?


It's just simple as this:

When you place a pre-order, a  Minimum NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit is required to log in your order.

The rest amount after minimum deposit paid is due within the next 10 days after your item is ready to ship and you received the final invoice email including shipping costs notification email.



If the rest amount due is not paid within the 10 days window, the order is considered as canceled and the non-refundable deposit is lost - NO EXCEPTIONS!


In a Nutshell:


  • We start working on your order as soon as we received your payment

  • Whenever your item is ready to get shipped out (depends on what batch you are in - please see individual timetables at pre-order and your confirmation email), we will send you another invoice for the rest amount due of your selected item including shipping costs.

  • Pay within the next 10 days..whenever you want!

  • Your item will ship out whenever we receive your final payment within the 10 days window.




Why is my deposit non refundable?


When you place an order, we start working on your order asap. This process cost us materials and man-hours. Your Deposit is part of this process and is reason why we can not refund it in case you change your mind in the middle of the production process