“When Ahsoka opened her hands, she was not surprised to find that two lightsabers, rough and unfinished, were waiting. They would need more work, but they were hers. When she turned them on, they shone the brightest white.” 



One of the most complex and interesting characters that the Clone Wars created.


Ahsoka grew a huge fan base over the years and fans seeing her growing and maturing during the clone wars and her (to date) final appearances in Star Wars Rebels, made us wanted so bad to create us this statue of hers.


This is our take to bring a cartoon character and give her a more realistic look and appearance.


  • High-Quality solid Poly Resin Material (Polystone)

  • 20.5"h x 11.5"w x 10"d

  • Hand Painted with quality paint

  • Magnet supports

  • Acrylic saber rods

  • Co-Op Sculpture with Aspan Lohia


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