Latest and upcoming Projects

These are what kind of projects Myc Sculptures is planing next.

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Cad Bane


Cad Bane is coming early in 2020 in 1/4 scale and with some mixed media as well - as of now. We will know more later on - but we started very much already on sculpting this Bounty hunter.

The Mandalorian


The latest Trailer got so so excited!! With now more references available, this Bountyhunter will show up early in 2020 :)

Keep checking back for updates and teasers and follow us on Facebook!

Darth Malak


It has been a while since we released one of the bad guys! 

For the ones you have our Darth Revan, this will be a nice addition to your Sith collection!
He will have mixed media and light up saber!

We hope we have him up for Pre-Order early in 2020.



Bossk wont be alone for long in your collection! Our next Bounty Hunter – IG-88 – will make his appearance early in 2020 …

...and he wont be the only one. We excited to bring you the whole Bounty Hunter line up (minus Boba Fett) from the OT!



This line gets us super excited! We will finish what Sideshow has started! We will continue

The Mythos line in the same style! We cant wait to see and show what 2020 will bring!


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