"Two there should be; no more, no less. One to embody power, the other to crave it." Darth Bane

Our Darth Bane custom 1/4 scale Statue stands about 22" high with base, about 11" wide  and weights about xxlbs.

Bane is made of solid resin and uses high quality mixed media, which has been professional tailored by DM Dynamic Media.

The Base featured the famous orbalisks which Bane used later as an armor and to gain more power from those force sensitive creatures and sith symbols around the entire base.

All his knowledge he captured and gained of his Sith Holocron which he is balancing within his force lightnings.

GCS Bane Curved saber design, used with permission

Myc Sculptures is proud to bring our OUR version and interpretation one of the most iconic ancient Sith Lords in the Star Wars Universe - Darth Bane.

Darth Bane created the "rule of two" which have been quoted several times during Star Wars Movies. "always two (Sith) there are... one master.. and one apprentice. Not more, not less"


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