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Jawa & Gonk Droid Premium Format Style Statue

Fan Art Statue - Not for Sale

Jawa and Gonk Custom Statue

Jawas are notorious "finding" droids and resell them for any possible profit.

Like this little fella... "accidentally" ran into a Gonk Power Droid while striving the Jundland Waste land.


The Hutt symbol on the Droid shows clearly who the real owner of this unit must be - but that doesn't keep the Jawa away to sell it to a new owner as soon as possible.

Star Wars Jawa and Gonk  1:4 Premium Format Custom Statue is another creation by MYC Sculptures from the Star Wars Universe.

This Star Wars Jawa and Gonk Premium Format Style Statue is going great with other 1:4 scale premium format statues like from Sideshow collectibles star wars premium format statues.

Set on a stony and sandy tatooine themed based, this set brings back child memories right out of the original star wars trilogy. 

The body of the Jawa and the base were hand sculpted in traditional way. The Gonk Droid was sculpted and modified in 3D. The paint application is a very time consuming procedure with multiple layers to get a very realistic weathered effect on the Droid.

The Jawa Blaster and its power battery unit were 3D created and printed. Big BIG Thank goes to my MASTER TAILOR AND MOTHER DANIELA !!!! You ARE FANTASTIC as always!!!


The Jawa and Gonk Premium Format Style Custom Statue stands about 13.5" high, 12" wide and 11" deep including the base.

The fabric clothes are professionally hand tailored with high quality fabrics

The Jawas eyes are battery powered and lit up - a tiny On/Off switch can be found on back neck of the Jawa.

Jawa and Gonk Custom Statue MYC
Jawa and Gonk Custom Statue MYC
Jawa and Gonk Custom Statue MYC
Jawa premium format statue
Jawa premium format statue
Jawa premium format statue
Jawa premium format statue
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