This Star Wars Kit Fisto Premium Format Statue is going great with other 1:4 scale premium format statues like from Sideshow collectibles star wars premium format statues.

This Star Wars custom statue is my take on the famous Member of the Jedi Council - Jedi Master Kit Fisto - out of the Star Wars Universe.

The Kit Fisto Premium Format Custom Statue stands about 22.5" high on the base it weights over 10lb. The fabric clothes are hand tailored and he also comes with real leather lace bracelets.

28 Neodymium Magnets are holding the tentacles in place and are detachable for easier handling and transportation. The Lightsaber does NOT light up - but it is made out of translucent fluorescent plastic and gives it a pretty shiny touch even without electrical light source!!! He Stands about 23" high, 14"wide and 12" deep... and puts about 11lb on the scale.


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