Customer Projects

As you probably already know, the way we like to publish our Statues in the past

and future in a physical, painted prototype to you before committing to preorder it. 

We won't change that format as we believe it's important that you as a customer need

to see the real statue. We at MYC Sculptures support this and that is the reason we are

putting up all cost and time to invest in those characters we are CONFIDENT that they

will well receive at the end  BUT we hear a lot of voices for characters which we are NOT 

feeling confident in putting up all the costs upfront and taking the risk. 


For those characters, it's really up to YOU, if those characters will get made or not.

                                                                       or send us an EMAIL of a character you want!


Every Customer Project is divided into 4 Stages:


Stage 1:

We need you to join the specific Customer Project Facebook group (link will be provided once the project is created) or send us an email and your name will be added onto the interest list.


Stage 2: 

we need a minimum of 25-30 people with a deposit to get 3D to sculpt done and create a fully painted Prototype (about 2-4 Months)

(full refund will be issued if we don't get the minimum amount of people)



2nd installment payment to get production for your specific piece started



Final payment for your statue plus shipping is due. (about 3-4 months after production started (stage2)


Customer Support

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