"You had such promise; you could have been my successor - my equal - but now ... but, I may still have some small use for you; I still have enemies to find and destroy - you will do my bidding, until I find a new apprentice, and then, like Vader, you will be cast aside."


 Palpatine, to Marek, as the latter's life-support suit is completed.

Star Wars Starkiller Sith 1:4 Premium Format Custom Statue is the fallen Galen Marek from the video game "The Force Unleashed".

This Star Wars Starkiller Sith Premium Format Statue is going great with other 1:4 scale premium format statues like from Sideshow collectibles star wars premium format statues. This is our take on the Lord of Hunger out of the "knights of the old Republic" video game series. He even as a character that is not appearing in any Star Wars Movie but the design of this ancient sith is truly one of a kind.

Armor parts were 3D created and printed. Big BIG Thank goes to my MASTER TAILOR AND MOTHER DANIELA !!!! You ARE FANTASTIC as always!!! Starkiller Premium Format Custom Statue stands about 20" high including the base.

The fabric clothes are professionally hand tailored with high quality fabrics


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