Thank you!

Over the years we got so many great emails from our clients which makes us so proud and shows why we doing what we doing.

Obviously we have a passion for what we are doing; but reading emails and see that our work does make people that happy is the greatest value of our work. Thank you for letting us know

Daniel B.


I don’t think I can describe how excited I was for this mail call. MYC Sculptures Grand Admiral Thrawn 1/4 scale statue is EPIC and boy does it not disappoint. I’ve seen their statues being posted for years but have never seen one in person. Man, did I pick a great one to own. My favorite Star Wars character of all time. I can’t describe how awesome it is to own this beauty. It’s truly a must-have for a Thrawn fan.

Lance S.


Everything came in clean and in great shape! I love how I got to mess around the coveralls a little, pull them down and almost make them somewhat tighter. It looks incredible in my collection!!!

Frank C.


Michael...I received your Michael Michael Myers statue today, and I'm blown away!! Wow he looks great! I really love the detail and size! And wow #19 out of 40 what an honor. Anyway, thank you so much I am so proud of this and will take dear care of him! Thanks so much!

Carlos R.


I wanted to thank MYC for The Ahsoka Tano Statue for doing such a detailed and exceptional piece of art. The character alone is amazing but this piece just made her a legend! Please never doubt this company’s skill or expertise towards any statue, they are without a doubt “Professionals and efficient in their Trade”! 

Jasper H.


Ahsoka arrived last week, and she looks absolutely stunning. I'm really impressed with the sculpt and pose. It will be the centerpiece of my collection. My favorite Star Wars character finally in 1/4th scale! Thank you!

Paul H.


Finally had a chance to open my Ashoka and wow…..great great statue.  I own almost every sideshow Star Wars statue and this one is on that level….I was nervous but you pulled it out….please let me know if you have any extra Star Wars sculpts you’d part with…ill be ordering thrawn and the gamorrean guard when they are put up.  Thank you!  Paul

Steve M


My Darth Bane statue arrived a little while back and it is awesome.  I never thought that I would have the character as a collectible.  Everything arrived well packaged and as promised.



The Jawa and Gonk are again a masterpiece from MYC and I am very happy and proud to have them in my collection. I like the Gonk in particular as he is very well done and solid actually when I initially thought he was made in plastic (like Sideshow normally do). I am very happy and this is truly a piece of art.



Michael... I truly do not know what to say...but a massive thank you. Your packing...incredible... As for the gonk/ breath was taken away. truly... It is amazing...but the only thing that came out of my mouth after my tears for about ten minutes.....was "wow,,!"

I think I no longer need that other statue with the silly two jawas... Jawa: a major good way.. tailoring...outstanding. Gonk...incredible... I can hear his clunky walk.. (ahh nostalgia)


This my friend... Is an iconic scene and characters dealt with true honour and pristine OCDism of a true artist. Many many thanks...oh yeah did i mention thank you? Whats next? Whats next? I'm in... Even with our crappy Canadian dollar....this is worth every penny..which by the way canada no longer

Your fan forever! Tracy

Matt U.


  • I just wanted to personally thank you, your products exceeded my expectations as usual. I love everything about this statue and your work. You have a lifelong buyer in me. Thanks Michael. We will meet again when Myer's gets closer lol!! Matt 

Copy Of -Tim B.


Just wanted to give a short review for the wonderful masters at MYC. I am lucky enough to own two statues from MYC, Royal Guard and Yoda. Both are perfect and are every bit as amazing as the best stuff from Sideshow. The sculpt is flawless, the paint is perfectly applied and the tailored material is beautiful.

If you like to have unique and collectible statues then it doesn’t get better than this. Truly one of a kind stuff that is absolute art.

Matt U.


Your work is amazing and I wish I would have bought from you a while ago, seriously. I will be ordering from you again and wish I did not wait so long and was holding back cuz I just did not know but I know now thats seriously art u have made. I swear jaw dropping, sideshow and other companies just rush stuff sometimes and looks bad. So this is breath of fresh air! Well Nihlius is displayed nice and looking great!

Dallas S.


I'm feeling very grateful this morning an just wanted to take a moment to thank you guys again for selling me the Starkiller and Imperial Guard.They are truly the gems of my collection and quite simply my favorite Star Wars items I've ever owned and i've been into Star Wars since I was three years old....I'm 34 this year. Just wanted to let you know that you guys did something very special for me by putting that together because I would have searched till I went crazy.

Daniel E.


So I was lucky enough to be one of the first 10 to receive this piece and I got to say........ it's amazing!!! From the finely tailored clothing to the helmet sculpt and all the way through this piece is breathtaking! Worth every penny spent on it!

MYC your giving sideshow a run for there money considering they've been releasing really bad quality pieces lately. This is a solid 10/10 statue in my opinion can't wait to add him with revan and nihilus keep up the great work!!

Dennis M.


Received my Yoda today and set it up. It is incredible in person! Great craftsmanship and detail. I think the swamp water turned out particularly well on the base. My wife (who cares nothing about Star Wars and is generally disinterested in my collection) came down to the basement and I showed her the Yoda and explained that it was the same guy that did Kit Fisto and the Jawas and that it was just a guy I met on a message board that made them. She said "Well then, those are my favorites because those are truly art...". Never thought of it that way, as I always thought how well they naturally fit into my collection. But she is right, they ARE art and they are all spectacular.

Dave V


I myself am particular and detail-oriented person, so usually I have high standards! But upon unpacking the boxes I was blown away by the quality of the craftsmanship, the creativity and the attention to detail! Some artists all they have is the creative talent; but you have all of the above! You've captured Yoda amazingly well! And his placement on the base with a magnet as well as the hands and the cane, is ingenious! I can't get over the realistic effect of the puddle. And the silver plaque, the stamp at the bottom of the base, and the certificate card of authenticity, were a great surprise! and glad to be the #4!

Justin M.


I just wanted to let you know that I received the Yoda PF statue and that I couldn't be happier. You've done a magnificent job of capturing both the likeness of the character and the atmosphere of Dagobah. I look forward to seeing your next works.

Matt U.


Just am amazed at the amount of effort and quality that Michael puts into his work.

I had some minor issues but he made me feel like family with the amount of care he shows toward me after buying a few statues. I just want people to know this is by far my all time favorite statue by myc sculptures to date. It has everything quality fabric quality, perfect sculpt and each person who will receive this will be more than pleased with the effort that is shown in this piece.

I give it 9.5 pit of ten the only reason I did not give it a ten is it is very delicate so please take your time very carefully and open this!!! But over all such a joy to look at for year to come.

I can not wait for the Jawas!!! I am hooked he puts side show to shame. They need to learn a thing or two about quality of their items.

Thank you Michael I will be looking of more pieces in the future!!! Best star wars pieces to date!!!

Jason J.

Texax, USA

My Guards were delivered this morning. They are wonderful. I'm really looking forward to purchasing your next sculpture. I know it will be great.

Paul W.


Revan arrived on Friday and I just wanted to let you know that I think he is absolutely awesome and I could not be more pleased.

I can not say I am a huge collector but he will certainly have pride of place amongst what I do have!

Thank you again for such a brilliant piece. I will certainly be recommending you to anyone after a custom made item and will be keeping up to date with the bits you are doing!

Jim B.


Tanks again for everything--I can't tell you how happy I am to have a Revan statue prominently displayed in my collection! Keep up the great work, and make Nihilus next ;) Please pass my compliments on to your tailor for the cloth components, too. Revan is so defined by his robes that if those didn't work right, it would compromise the whole statue. The pleating on the maroon sash and those hip sashes are just perfect. I don't know where you sourced the little metal belt rings, but they're spot-on too. Little details like the actual metal tubes you used on the chin of Revan's mask don't go unnoticed either. You could have taken the easy route and just sculpted those too, but the fact that you incorporated mixed media is a real testament to your commitment to making the statue the best it can be.



I just wanted to say thank you for making these premium format figures, they are absolutely amazing. I love how limited they are except when I want to find one that is out of stock 😫!!

Now i just need to find a Revan and a Nihilus and I wilł be all set 😁.

Just got Starkiller setup and he looks awesome! The attention to detail is unbelievable.

Thank you again. You have a customer for life. 

Dennis M.


Oh my goodness!!!!!

I just set this guy up. It has taken a place of honor on my shelves.

By far the coolest collectible (maybe outside the 6 foot Toys R Us Millennium Falcon) that I own. You are an extraordinary artist AND engineer.

How you figured out and laid out the tentacles is incredible. Great idea with the magnets. Sideshow could learn a thing or two. Just incredible.

Chris P.


All the BS about grails in all groups and those little mofas are a true grail, thx for this stunning piece. I am looking forward to ur new piece as well.



OH Wow I am in absolute amazement. Words can't describe it. Mike that is the best statue I've ever seen. Thank you thank you thank you. You definitely have the rest of my business.

Jay B.


I just got it out of the box and on the shelf, all I can say is WOW!!! you hit a home run for sure, I cant tell you how impressed I am with this piece!! the detail is amazing, the small things like the stick and the tape job you sure have a talent.

This piece is with out a doubt the centre of my collection and you truly cant appreciate this from pictures, now that I have it and you can see the detail, I am at a loss, it is everything I imagined it would be when we started this project out. The ironic thing is as well Barry just called me from Edmonton the other day and Moog is going to be there doing Autographs so I am going to send him out the base to get autographed!!

This really is great timing!! But again, I thank you for doing this for me I know it was tough but you truly are a gifted person and from all the other creations I see you working on I wish that I had and 1/8th of your talent!!

It was great working with you and I really cant wait to do some other projects with you. please let em know when you have time and we can talk more about the Celine figure I think that would be a great piece to do!! and my wife is a huge fan so I will have no trouble convincing her to let me do that!! : )

Thanx again Michael look forward to talking to you soon!!



just opened Skeletor a few minutes ago after getting back from work. Looks even more amazing in person! Everything arrived safely, no breakages. So really happy with it. Thanks for all the effort & for not keeping me waiting long. Will definitely be on the lookout for more of your work & hope we can deal again in future. will leave you a good rating too! Cheers & take care



Hey Michael,

i got Skeletor in the mail today. Awesome statue. My wife wont let me keep it in the kitchen though. When she saw the box in the kitchen she said "is that your toy" and I said it was a statue. Thanks for mentioning in the instructions it is not a toy. that made me win that argument.

Dennis M.


I received the Royal Guard, unpacked it and displayed it for a bit. It is PERFECT! I cannot believe that you sculpted the body under the cloak. What a touch! I couldn't be happier.

Tracy I.


Oh.....Michael....I can't tell you how proud I am of your work.

The emperor's guard arrived safe and sound and is truly.....goosebumps and tears as I write this...seriously; Beyond words. He is stunning. I truly wish I added Luke's cloak because the material is impeccable.... I thought I had a grail with governor tarkin...peeshaw.. Your passion shows...and I am most honoured to have purchased such an item made with love.

Your fan forever Tracy I.

But my first impression was more like:

Wholly mother of #@#@@# Wtf..omg....seriously!!!!! I'm so @@@##$ happy. Happy dance in my living room

"The force will be with you always"

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