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Welcome to Myc Sculptures Custom Statues

My name is Michael and I am sculpting since 2007. Most of my Statues are science fiction or fantasy characters known from movies, comics and other medias. Some of my work is also originally designed and transformed into a 3D sculpture.

All my statues are FAN ART most likely one of a kind Statues for private collections. 

Thanks to my master tailor Daniela , I have the opportunity to offer also fabric accessories to all kind of statues from Sideshow, Gentle Giant, Prime One, XM and have even our very own Statues from Myc Sculptures with mixed media and high quality fabrics to give them a premium format style look.

Our handmade statues are all one of a kind custom statues - only one of a kind statues are for sell or if ordered by private commissions

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Got an idea what kind of custom statue you would like to see from Myc Sculptures?

Or do you have any other suggestion? How about seeing Capes or any other clothes getting offered by Myc Sculptures for any kind of Statues you own?

Send us an inquiry using our contact forms.

Who knows, maybe because of your inspiring idea our next statue will come to live only because of your suggestion or idea our it might be a


We are looking forward to any kind of feedback or suggestion and we usually respond within 24h during weekdays.

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